Sometimes we all need a little help and motivation

UGH! I get it. The research/term paper.  The bane of the college student. You get the syllabus and the professor tells you what you're responsible for and details the format, the length of the paper etc. It's months away right? You got time. Right. Things happen and you have stuff to do plus you have other classes, you date and you work most days. You go to bed thinking this dang term paper is due soon and it's time to get to the library. We've been there. We are there lol. Ok so now deadlines have come and gone and YOU need big time help and a topic, a thesis statement and a model for what your paper should look like. You don't want to turn in someone else's paper as your own. So now what? Give us a try and we'll solve most of your problems. We can't extend your deadlines, but we can send you a really great paper, really FAST!